September 2011: News about our upcoming fundraiser, sponsored students, library, and school projects. Also, T-shirts are still available through our website.

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Tanzanian Education Through 
                        Empowerment Association

Project News

Fundraiser: September 24th, 7:00pm

Local 16, Washington, D.C.

Please come join us for a fundraiser!

During a weekend of celebrations for the 50th anniversary of the Peace Corps, TETEA will be holding a fundraiser. Come out for a drink or two at Local 16 and show your support. There will be a $10 donation to get in. Door prize raffle and drink specials from 7-9pm with light appetizers. Also a silent auction will be held until 9:30pm. All proceeds from the cover and auction will go towards TETEA projects.

If you cannot make it and would like to show your support, you can do so using the donate link at the right or going to our website.

For more details, visit the Facebook event page.

Library Project Update

MAGUU, Tanzania Thank you to all of our sponsors that made our library project such a success! The library has been open since last November and has already had 6,737 visits and counting! In the month of August alone, there were 517 visits! Special thanks go out to the Joseph Lawrence Chow Memorial Fund, which has made a generous donation of $2,500 to the project as well as organizing a local book drive to support the library. Until now, the library is stocked with over 1300 books, a combination of local textbooks that correspond to the national syllabus, reference books, and english literature. We are still looking to raise more funds for the library to install solar power to extend the operating hours into the evening. It can then be a place for students to study after it gets dark around 6pm.
For more details, visit our library page.

Scholarship Project Update

This year we have identified four Form 1 scholars who have demonstrated exceptional financial need as well as academic potential. They are studying at London, Msamala, Ruvuma, and Hagati Secondary Schools. In addition we have three continuing scholarships who need sponsorship for next year. We would like to congratulate 8 of our students who recently finished their Form 6 studies and have been accepted into various universities. Tetea currently supports 27 students. Thanks again to our current sponsors. More information about our scholarship project is available on our website.

School Project Update

We are continuing to work out the details of an agreement for a 60 acre plot of land in Namtumbo District. The district officials are excited to have us coming to build a school there. We are just starting to raise the capital necessary to begin construction. Our vice-president, Greg Haman, was in Tanzania in the spring discussing the details with the district officials. Currently we are in the planning stage, laying out how the school grounds will be used. More information on our school project will be available on our website as things progress.

Other News

Financial Report

So far this year, Tetea has brought in $14,570 in donations, of which $10,000 is going to directly support sponsored students. The balance has gone towards the library project and we currently have a balance of $7,000 in our general fund, much of which will be transferred over to our school project when construction begins.

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September 2011

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