Scholarship Program

Check out a brief video on our scholarship project:

At the moment, Tetea has an emphasis on O-Level secondary school students in Form I, particularly from Ruvuma region. We have supported a total of 41 students to date. Our scholarships are either partial or full, assisting Tanzanian students to pay for their school fees, boarding fees, examination fees, transportation, and/or living expenses. Receipt of scholarship is contingent upon continuing education at a public institution. If this requirement is not met, funds may be reallocated to another student.

Tetea conducts a search for potential scholarships recipients at village schools, based on recommendations of school officals as to the academic performance and financial need of the students. After compiling a list of potential recipients, they are asked to fill out a questionnaire which includes an essay on their educational goals. Tetea then decides which students have priority for the scholarship.

Average Costs of Education