16,000 Secondary School Teachers Fail to Get Employment

16,000 secondary school teachers who finished Teachers Training College in 2010 between May and July have yet to be given posts by the government. Typically, teachers are placed within two months. The reason given by the government is that they are doing analysis on which graduates are to be posted and which are doing other things like continuing with their education. On the other hand, a source in the Ministry of Education and Vocational Training stated that the cause for the delay is due to lack of funds. The government plans to place the new teachers in January 2011. Hopefully it will happen quickly to help alleviate the teacher shortage. The full article, in Swahili, is available on the Mwananchi website.

One Reply to “16,000 Secondary School Teachers Fail to Get Employment”

  1. A recent article in the Citizen entitled “Let’s Have More Teachers, Improve Their Welfare Too”, states that the education minister plans to employ at least 9,226 teachers in this financial year. These teachers can be broken down into at least 4,920 graduates and 4,306 diploma holders. There was no mention of the fail to hire teachers last year. It seems odd that the number to be hired this year is so much smaller than the number of teachers quoted as not gaining employment last year.

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