8 TETEA Students Accepted into University!

8 TETEA students have been accepted into various Universities. Seven of them have also been provided with substantial government loans based on their academic performance and financial need, averaging about $1900 each for this coming year, which will cover their tuition as well as various living expenses.

  • Awetu Hassan, University of Dar es Salaam, Bachelor of Commerce in Marketing
  • Hamzuruni Mshamu, Mkwawa University College of Education, Bachelor of Arts with Education
  • James Bashiru, Tumaini University Iringa College, Bachelor of Community Development
  • Maria Mbena, Institute of Finance Management, Bachelor of Science in Information Technology
  • Selemani Bakari, Mzumbe University, Bachelor of Accounting in Public Sector Finance
  • Shahara Haridi, University of Dodoma, Bachelor of Arts with Education
  • Twaibu Chipata, Saint Augustine University of Tanzania, Bachelor of Philosophy with Education
  • Yahaya Saidi, Moshi University College of Co-operative and Business Studies, Bachelor of Human Resources Management

In addition, Karimu Lulanga has been accepted to Mtwara Teachers’ Training College to become a Secondary School teacher.

Congratulations to all of our students and may they continue to put their best foot forward as their studies continue!

Form IV 2010 Results

Form Four results from 2010 have been posted.

Check them here on our site.

This is the first group of students who got a free pass through their Form II national exams on to Form III. The results are about what would be expected. Whereas previously, the Form II national exams weeded out the less serious students, now they continue on until their Form IV exams and fail there.

In those areas where TETEA works, the need for improved education for the rural youth is shown like never before.

Many rural schools had upwards of 70% of their students failing. Prospects look rather dismal in rural areas, with few rural students making the marks they need to go on to Form V or even Teacher’s Training College. The new ward schools (often just one building with maybe one teacher) made up the worst performing. One such school in Mtwara region had 50 out of 52 students receiving F’s in all of their subjects! Clearly, the expansion of physical school buildings through the Secondary Education Development Program still needs to be complemented with teachers, as well as learning and teaching materials. Nationwide only 50.4% of students taking the exam managed to pass (the pass mark being receiving a D or higher in two subjects out of seven core subjects). For more discussion of the nation-wide results, an article in The Citizen has a pretty good breakdown of the performance.

Another article about the exam results states that the percentage of students passing dropped an astounding 22% since 2009

Form IV Results Released

Form Four results from 2009 have been posted.

Check them here on our site.

Kornel Mbele has passed his exams with a Division II of 20 points. He has two C’s in Physics and Math and a B in Chemistry which will allow him entrance to A-Level with the PCM combination.

Kornel Mbele coming to the U.S.!!!!

Exciting news from Tanzania! One of the students we are looking to sponsor, Kornel Mbele, was recently chosen as one of five students to represent Tanzania in a Youth Leadership program sponsored by the U.S. Embassy. They will join fifteen other students from Kenya, Nigeria and South Africa. They will meet in the U.S. for one month for youth leadership and community development training. This is very exciting news for Kornel who has only been to the capital city of Dar es Salaam twice (on the same school field trip) and has very rarely left the remote rural community where he lives. Read the U.S. Embassy Press Release