A-Level Selection: Our Students Make the Cut

All three of our sponsored students who finished Form 4 last year have been chosen to join government A-Level schools. Maria Mbena has been chosen to study EGM (Economics, Geography, Math) at Songea Girls. Shahara Haridi has been chosen to study HGK (History, Geography, Kiswahili) at Mtwara Girls. Ratifu Samli has been chosen to study HKL (History, Kiswahili, English) at Liwale Secondary. Congratulations to them all on their hard work in their exams and for getting selected! Not all students who finish Form 4 go on to Form 5. Only a small percentage are chosen to join government schools. At many rural schools maybe only 4 students will be chosen out of 80 who took the exams. Some who don’t make the list can join private schools if they can afford it. To be chosen for government schools, they need to have good marks in the three-subject combination they plan to study. The minimum tends to be 2 C’s and a B, but lower marks are sometimes taken to fill empty spaces in the second selection at the schools or in the science subjects with a preference for girls, as they tend to be underrepresented in A-Level Schools. The official selection results are at the Ministry of Education Website, and the page has been fixed and is working properly.

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  1. The National website isnt working properly.
    The selected students are not seen there as you said.

    1. The link is old, from last year. Those students are already attending the schools they were chosen for and are now entering Form VI.

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