Shahara studied Education at the University of Dodoma. She finished Form 6 at Mtwara Girls Secondary School where she was studying HGK (History, Geography, and Kiswahili). She was 15th out of 99 students, receiving a Division I of 9 points. A serious student, she has aspirations of one day becoming the headmistress of a secondary school. In 2008 she finished Form 4 at Tandahimba Secondary School, where she was the top girl her class. She consistently performed well in her studies at Tandahimba. She enjoyed math and science subjects and also participated in debate competitions. She was 2nd in her class on her Form 4 exams with a score of 22, the best score by a girl at Tandahimba since at least 2003. Her father works at a village health center and her mother is a subsistence farmer.